Advanced Kiffer Systems, Inc. (AKS)
, a subsidiary of Kiffer Industries, is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, and has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality machinery, machine tools, customer special purpose machinery, and more, for over 100 years since 1912.  

The bending specialist for over 50 years.  Faccin is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacturing and sale of plate and angle rolls, dished heads machinery and special machines.

IntelliFinishing offer a revolutionary modular conveyor and smart control technology, which allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently in both speed and direction throughout the entire system.  This allows each process area; be it wash, coatings, cure or delivery, to act independent of the rest of the system for the ultimate system flexibility to obtain the highest quality and throughput.

Mitsubishi CO2 laser

Higher-quality cutting, improved productivity and increased surface finish are just a few of the impressive features unique to the new SR laser. Innovative additions—including the PHXS Head with a lens cartridge design that facilitates constant centering, plus a faster graphical interface— lead to faster cutting and lower cost per part.

Other features allow for aggressive mild steel piercing, expanded options for programming and exceptional control in cutting, contributing to increased energy savings. Overall improvements unique to the SR include a 40 percent speed gain in thick-plate cutting, thanks to the improved resonator; and an up to 80 percent improvement in surface-finish quality for stainless steel cutting.

Electronic Beam Welding

Electron Beam Machines demonstrate their superiority in the area of precision welding alloying and surface modification, as well as brazing. EB Welding 

United Robotics has over 75 years of combined industrial automation experience.  URI offers robot automation solutions for many market segments such as arc welding, robotic vision, spot welding, material handling, sorting, plasma cutting, and machine tending applications.